Scrap Couture Linen Stitch Scarf

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The Yarn Stash contains a bin of “loved and left” – over yarn.

Every knitter has some – might be left over from a sweater or maybe it was a single skein (on clearance) that was just too beautiful to pass up  – but there every knitter has “oddments.”

Their fiber content and weight may vary.  And while they are usually small on yardage, oddments are typically beautiful, soft and very patient – as they wait to be used!

Scrap Couture Linen Stitch

While sorting drooling over my Yarn Stash, I noticed a preponderance of pinks and browns  – colors I have been drawn to for a few years. Two of the yarns were gorgeous handpainted – combining pinks and a caramel brown!

With one exception, the yarns were in the vicinity of worsted weight.  The fiber content varied from acrylic to cashmere – and everything in between.

cashmere/wool and a coral cotton/microfiber

Linen Stitch is very forgiving – a slight change in the gauge will not be visible, so all of these varied yarns could be used.

Using  the longest Size 10.5 circulars in the Knitting Needle Stash, I cast on 310 stitches using the Caramel acrylic.

Returning to the start of the cast-on, I started the Linen Stitch with a mystery dark brown acrylic highlighted with a gold metallic thread (absolutely no idea why I have this yarn).

Caramel/Dusty Rose/Pale Pink. Dusty Lavender and CaramelBright Pinks and Oranges.

Returning again to the start end, the next row of Linen Stitch used one of the handpainted…

….and I was hooked!

The Linen Stitch worked to bring the colors together!   Each row was as intriguing as the one before!

Scrap Couture Scarf in progress

After a few mistakes explorations, I discovered that each row required 6 yards of yarn.  A quick check of The Stash found one very small oddment that was added to the available yarns.  Six yards is not very much.

The Linen Stitch is the same every row – and since work is always done from the right side – it is just knitting – no purling involved.

After a while, the K1, yf, S1, yb, repeat, repeat, repeat, developed a rhythm and the scarf flew off the needles.

After 66 rows, the Caramel Acrylic was used for the final Linen Stitch row and then again to bind off.

Scrap Couture Scarf

Because I am drawn to pinks and browns, the scarf will coordinate with many of my garments – but I am already planning a visit to the Fabric Stash to find coordinating colors.

The mixture of fibers makes the scarf so comfortable to wear – not a single itch!  As the majority of the yarns were cotton or cotton/microfiber the scarf hangs with a nice drape.

The  310 stitches * 68 rows created a scarf that is 6 feet long and 7″ wide.

The 60+ yarns hanging off both ends were double twisted, knotted and trimmed to create a controlled fringe.

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Scrap Couture Linen Stitch Scarf

Obviously, this is not the first pattern for a linen stitch scarf – all homage to those who created them before – it was those that inspired me to try this Scrap Couture Project!

Love it!


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