HouseHold Linens creates and designs

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HouseHold Linens is a speciality bed linen retailer, providing the highest quality bed linen to private homes, designers and lodges internationally. Visit our stores in New Zealand and Australia or online

HouseHold Linens is a New Zealand owned business that began in the Auckland home of Avis Nelson over 40 years ago. Starting in manufacturing, moving to wholesale and progressing to retail it has become a truly vertical organisation.

Household Linens

HouseHold Linens creates and designs its products in Auckland and imports from around the globe. Three brands – Pan Cottage, HouseHold Linens and A.N.D differentiate the product available. Each brand encompasses different fabrics, qualities and styles. Through innovative and inspiring design, engaging store experiences and by communicating with people in a way that connects to how they live, work and play, our brands are constantly evolving to meet our customers’ needs.

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Creating the Perfect Bed for a Peaceful Sleep

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Quality sleep is hard to come by nowadays, what with all that distractions to keep us up and about. However, instead of deactivating one’s Facebook or Twitter accounts or shutting off every gadget that one has, it’s better if you work on transforming your bedroom into a slumber wonderland.

To begin with, you may want to get rid of the clutter in the room. Unnecessary stuff can only divert your attention from your goal of catching some zzz’s. Install dimmers if you feel like. But above all,  make it a point to invest in a nice bed. A sturdy bed that comes with quality Household Linens sheets may often be enough to entice you to sleep.

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